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Love & Loss

"Love & Loss" is a five song EP from The Satin Cowboy & The Deadly Sins. 

The songs on this EP depart from the country sound of "Duel" and explore indie singer-songwriter territory, focusing on the themes of love and losing love.


"Duel" is the second full-length album from The Satin Cowboy & The Deadly Sins. Older influences such as The Carter Family and The Travelling Wilburys merge with modern, confessional troubadours like Jason Isbell and Conor Oberst.


The songs range from stomping Drive-By Trucker type rockers to straight-ahead acoustic bluegrass.  "You're Making Me Paranoid" has all the feel-good, southern rock, dueling guitar theatrics of a Lynryd Skynryd song. "Down This Road Before" sounds like a lost Tom Petty open highway sing-along.  Hushed tracks like "Love You Just The Same" fall into the acoustic realm of The Head and The Heart and feature a live string section. 


No matter the genre, the songs show thoughtful arrangement, personal lyrics and well-crafted melodies from a seasoned songwriting veteran.

Daddy's in Ohio

This single is an ode to Butch, the man with the answers.  


Lil' Lasso Lisa (The Satin Cowboy's lovely wife) sings her earnest lyrics about the sage advice her daddy offered her over a backdrop of John Prine influenced instrumentation. 

O, Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree

This single was a collaboration between The Satin Cowboy and Mr. Bonzai, noted music author and photographer.


Mr. Bonzai provided the lyrics and artwork while The Satin Cowboy wrote the music, creating a timeless and humorous Christmas classic.

The Great Giddyup

The first full-length album features many genres coming together to form the unique blend of pop, rock, folk and country that makes up the sound of The Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Reunderstanding

This single was the genesis of The Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins.  It is an interpretation of "The Misunderstanding,

a song written by Project Parallel and featured on the remix album, "Redesign The Intent".


A raw rock nod to Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Physical copies of most releases are available through Bandcamp.  Click the the blue "buy" button on the music players above to be taken to Bandcamp.